• "Dr. Huffman and LeeAnn are both wonderful. I went in after throwing my back out. I tried the traditional doctor route for weeks first - steroids, pain killers, etc... Nothing helped. After just two adjustments with Dr. Huffman my pain was nearly gone and I had most of my range of motion back. He continued to work with me for several more weeks doing physical therapy to strengthen my back and neck muscles, to minimize the chance of re-injury. My back feels a million times better. LeeAnn is fantastic about working with my work schedule to book appointments, and is so friendly and welcoming."
    April / Casper
  • "Dr. H and LeeAnn are AMAZING!! Dr. H has truly been blessed with healing hands, I can't say enough wonderful things about him and his wife. If you're looking for a chiropractor that will listen to you, understand you and help you, Log Cabin in the place to go!!"
    Christa / Casper
  • "HIGHLY RECOMMEND! This place is absolutely amazing!!!! Dr. Huffman and his wife LeeAnn are genuine, down to earth people. I am a new family medicine physician to the area, my wife and I just moved here a few days ago and had some serious back pain from all the driving and packing. Dr. Huffman was thorough, attentive, knowledgeable, personable and very skilled with his craft. LeeAnn even held our 4 month old baby at certain times so we could do our treatments. We both left feeling better and extremely satisfied. As a physician, I completely trust this practice and plan on sending all my patients his way in the future. You won’t be disappointed!"
    Steven Baum, MD / Casper
  • "I saw Dr. Huffman for pain in my lower back. I have never had an opinion of chiropractic one way or the other. That has changed. On day one Dr. Huffman took X-rays and sat down with me to discuss the problems in my lower back. We discussed a plan for dealing with my pain. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical at first. What can I say...I am now a believer. Not only did my pain go away, I was also able to relieve discomfort I was experiencing in my neck as well.​"
    Doug / Casper
  • "Dr. Huffman and LeeAnn take the absolute best care of their patients. They’re level of care and compassion for their patients is really amazing and unheard of these days. I’ve traveled all over the US for work and used multiple Chiropractors and I can say Dr. Huffman is by far the BEST. He doesn’t just take you in and crack you, he works on you before hand and after if you need it. Log Cabin was recommended to me by a friend and I’m so grateful for that. I would definitely recommend them to everyone."
    Callie / Casper
  • "My husband and I have been going to Log Cabin Chiropractic for about a month now and they are amazing and super sweet. They truly care about their patients and treat everyone as an individual. They do x-rays, treatments and rehab and thoroughly explain each thing. They are just wonderful people. I went from being in a level 8-9 pain on a daily basis in my back and neck and also with my TMJ. I have fibromyalgia also. I am now at a level 1-3 pain and am able to work out 5 days a week. I feel like a whole new person. I haven't been this pain free in as long as I can remember and honestly didn't think it was a possibility for me to be this pain free. My husband also went from horrible back pain to being able to work outside or on our vehicles or exploring, etc and it not instantly put him back in extreme pain. I can't recommend them enough. I have been to several chiropractors, across several states and they are truly the best! They want their patients better and healthier!"
    Crystal / Casper, WY
  • "Dr. Huffman and LeeAnn are amazing. They are so kind, and they truly care about their patients. Their care is the best. The first time I went in, I could hardly move. Two weeks later, I can now touch my toes and move around without tears. Dr. Huffman is giving me my life back, and that is more than I could ever ask for. Chiropractors do not get the recognition they deserve, and Dr. Huffman deserves a lot."
    Stephanie / Casper
  • "My wife and I have been coming here for several weeks and I feel amazing! I never knew my neck could be this flexible. They make you feel like you're part of their family. Will never go anywhere else."
    Paul / Casper
  • "LeeAnn and Dr. Brian are amazing! ☺"
    Christi / Casper
  • "My husband and I are both in treatment and absolutely Love Dr. Huffman and LeeAnn. The are such warm and caring people. They are fantastic. They truly care about their patients. We are very very happy we found them. They have helped us so much already. Thank you for everything!!!"
    Sheri / Casper
  • "Dr. Brian and LeeAnn are just the best! First class service, attentive to my needs and genuine concern for my health. I was in a lot of pain before my first visit and Dr. Brian was able to give me some significant relief after my first treatment. He even called me that evening to see how I was doing. I can't say enough about how nice they both are. If you're looking for a Chiropractor in Casper/Central Wyoming then Dr. Brian is your guy!"
    Justin / Casper, WY
  • "Dr Huffman is wonderful! He does the best he can to make sure I am not in pain, he has greatly improved my life by giving me greater mobility and every time I leave his office I have the biggest smile because I feel so much better and with no radiating headache. Dr Huffman and his wife LeeAnn are some of the kindest people I have met and I am grateful for their kindness everyday."
    Kalee / Casper
  • "Dr Huffman is thorough. He takes time to explain everything about the care and treatment I received, including the x-rays. I have had chronic pain for years, the relief I experienced after treatment is amazing!"
    Kerrie / Casper
  • "My son was in a minor four wheeler accident leaving him with a hip needing some attention. So, I found Log Cabin Chiropractic & Rehabilitation, Dr. Brian Huffman. Very glad I did! My first phone call, LeeAnn was very quick to listen to what was going on and very understanding on what will work for your schedule! Then Dr. Huffman is very informative about how to approach what is going on with you. Very peaceful, clean facility! Their family becomes your family! Can't go wrong by giving them call! 🙂"
    Lacey / Casper, WY
  • "Excellent care and knowledge. They take time with each patient to explain what's wrong and what the plan is. I'm now pain free and loving it!"
    Shiraz / Casper
  • "Very pleased with my experience! I had a bad experience with a different chiropractor a decade ago, and Dr. Huffman was very attentive and made sure I felt 100% safe. I've been incredibly pleased with my progress and my pain has notably deceased !!"
    Suzanne / Casper
  • "Wonderful office with caring people. It is warm, clean and friendly environment and the care I received at log cabin chiropractic is exceptional. You can tell that Dr. Huffman truly cares for his patients, he takes his time and is concerned, and friendly while maintaining professional and efficient service. The pain I was in before I started seeing Dr. Huffman was unbearable, and for so long it kept me from doing things that I loved, but after a few weeks under his care I'm now doing more then I have been able to in a long time. The progress I have made is remarkable. I think with his help I'm well on my way to being completely pain free! Unfortunately my insurance doesn't cover my care, but Dr. Huffman and LeeAnn were able to make it affordable and work with me so that I can continue to get the care I need. I wouldn't go anywhere else. I'm always greeted with a smile and friendly attitude. Thanks Dr. Huffman and LeeAnn for all of your help and care!"
    Shanell M. / Casper
  • "Dr Huffman and Lee Ann are so kind, I have never experienced the the amount of care they offer in any healthcare setting. I recommend Dr Huffman to anyone experiencing chronic pain; he takes his time, gives you his full attention, and explains everything in detail."
    Kalee B. / Casper
  • "I have been visiting Dr. Huffman for quite some time and am very happy with his professionalism and demeanor. When being treated by Dr. Huffman he cares about the client and checks in to ensure everything is going well. LeeAnn greets you with a friendly smile and is very helpful. I recommend Log Cabin Chiropractic. Thank you for helping me!"
    Jake / Casper, WY
  • "Dr Huffman truly cares about patient care. He stopped the pain. Highly recommend!"
    Terry V. / Casper
  • "Dr Huffman was very thorough in finding out what was causing my pain. Within the first visit I was pain free. He and his colleague are very kind and caring. I would strongly recommend them for your chiropractic needs!"
    Sherry H. / Casper
  • "Wonderful care and service! I am getting excellent care."
    Sandra S. / Casper, WY
  • "My husband hurt his back playing basketball one Saturday afternoon. He spent a miserable night in pain, hardly able to walk. A friend suggested going to a chiropractor, Dr. Huffman. Although we had never been to a chiropractor we decided to give it a try since he was in so much pain. My husband called the office on Sunday hoping to leave a message for a call back on Monday. Within fifteen minutes Dr. Huffman himself called and told us to meet him at his office in an hour. Wow! My husband received almost immediate relief from his back pain. Wow again!Coincidentally, I had been experiencing hip pain from an injury sustained in a car accident over a year prior to my husband’s incident. I was getting hip injections every six months for the pain. Dr. Huffman was sure he could help me as well. And he did. I have not had another injection since seeing Dr. Huffman. I can’t tell you how much we have been impressed by Dr. Huffman and his staff. You won’t be disappointed!"
    Janet Barlow
  • "Dr. Huffman was my chiropractor in Texas. My first visit was on a day they were closed but Dr. Huffman drove across town and opened his clinic to get me treated that day. I suffered from severe back pain and neck injuries for years until I started treatment with him. He had me walking upright and feeling better in very little time. Dr. Huffman is definitely the best in Texas, now the best in Wyoming!"
    Christopher F.
  • "Dr. Brian Huffman has been my chiropractor for about 7 years before he relocated to Casper and had always provided fantastic care! I am a former competitive gymnast with a long history of orthopedic injuries that occasionally come back to haunt me. Of my injuries, Dr. Huffman has helped me tremendously with shoulder impingement syndrome, cervical (neck) injuries, TMJ, back pain from a previous fracture, and the most fun one (insert sarcasm), a dislocated rib. Dr. Huffman is always very professional, cheerful, conscientious of any pain I'm experiencing, and always willing to help me feel better. He spends his time discussing my issues, listening to my concerns, and educating me on how to take care of my body better. He also provided exercise and stretching suggestions to help me maintain my alignment and alleviate any discomfort.Dr. Huffman really cares for his patients and wants the best for them. You are in amazing hands with Dr. Huffman! I am so excited for him and his new business!!"
    Erin S. / Austin, TX
  • "I was a patient of Dr. Brian Huffman when his practice was in Round Rock, TX. I have osteoarthritis, particularly in my cervical spine. I could hardly rotate my neck when I first started seeing Dr. Huffman. Through his treatment and therapy of my neck, I was able to regain complete rotation and relief of my pain. After I had an accidental fall and injured my jaw, he was able to treat it as well.
    After my successful treatments with Dr. Huffman, my husband begin treatment for his lower spine which brought him relieve from the pain he had been having for several years. Between the Chiropractic treatments, therapy, and exercise, we both were very grateful for Dr. Huffman's wonderful Chiropractic care.
    Dr. Huffman is a very experienced professional and very caring for all his patients. He treated us like family and what we observed of other patients, we were no exception. I highly recommend Dr. Huffman as a Chiropractor. He is greatly missed here in Texas!"
    Sue Cornelius / TX
  • "Over the years, I have had numerous incidents of low back pain. Last June I was barely able to walk or even stand, and then only with the aid of a cane. After several treatments I was able to resume walking without the cane and for the past year have been virtually free of any back pain. I have been able to resume golf and other forms of exercise as a result of the care of Dr. Huffman."
    Galen Stewart
  • "Dear Dr. Huffman,

    I just wanted to tell you how appreciative I am to you for your time, advice and treatments. Since I began them with you, my headaches are gone, I have no more pain in my shoulder and the function has been restored to my back. It is such a blessing to be free of pain, and I am very greatful for your caring competent treatments. My wife Jill, had a very painful bone spur in her heel, and your treatments have completely eliminated the problem. She can walk now without being in constant agony. Thank you again."
    Ray Rinke
  • "Dr. Huffman is very professional and genuinely cares about your pain, treatment and healing. After just a few weeks of treatment my "neck headaches" are nearly a thing of the past. What a shock to see x-rays which showed how crooked my spine had become! My adjustments were quick and simple with only minutes to wait between signing in and walking out with a spring in my step. Dr. Huffman's sense of humor and great "bedside manner" makes this "doctors visit" an enjoyable and healing experience."
  • "I was having severe neck and low back pain on a daily basis which kept me from sleeping part of the time. After a few visits with Dr. Huffman I began to feel better and move much easier. Soon my neck and low back pain was eleminated gaining full range of motion in my neck."
    Logan Jones
  • "Dr. Huffman, Thank you so much for all the support in geting my back well. I walked in your office bent over with very small steps. From a pain scale of 1-10, I was definitely a 10. However, over the next few months my pain decreased. Today I am happy to report that I am 100% better. And the amazing part, I was treated with no pain medication or antibiotics. Just good ole chiropractic therapy. Great job!"
    S .M. Buhl
  • "Dear Doctor Huffman,

    I truly appreciate your compassion for people. The therapy and treatments were well worth the time and visits. I feel 100% better."
    Christie C.

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